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Goverment Affairs

Ecoconsult is uniquely positioned with its depth and breadth of experience in many aspects of governance in California. Our focus continues to be on promoting greater efficiencies in the public sector; greater recognition and support for the green technologies sector and more effective representation of the interests of our NGO clients.

Political Strategy

Ecoconsult works with clients to determine a natural and strategic course, meaning we search for logical inherent solutions and think long term, building success upon success. We concentrate on cost effective results; carefully integrating and balancing our efforts with those of our clients to maximize the value of our work. Combining and integrating our legislative and administrative expertise to ensure the correct strategy is employed for each need. Recognizing that most legislation is followed-up by administrative implementation which demands judicious follow-through to accomplish the goal.

Environmental Advocacy

Our State has unrivaled natural resources, a diverse and vibrant population and an unparalleled history of innovation. With our diverse suite of clients in the public and private sector, we are helping to forge partnerships committed to a more sustainable economy – and future.