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A full-service firm located in downtown Sacramento, California

Helping to Forge a More Sustainable Future

Ecoconsult is a full-service government affairs, political strategy and environmental advocacy firm located in downtown Sacramento, California. Our preferred modus operandi is collaboration. Success to us is ensuring meaningful results for our clients–working closely with our existing strategic partners in the State, and building foundations for future coalitions and partnerships.

While enacting legislation is not the principal measure of our lobbying success, we do have an impressive record. In the 2011-2012 session, Ecoconsult sponsored thirteen bills and of the nine bills that were sent to the Governor, every one was signed into law. In the 2013-2014 legislative session, Ecoconsult shepherded sixteen bills to the Governor’s desk and secured signatures on every one of those bills. Our work does not stop there. With our extensive regulatory and program management experience, we help our clients ensure that the legislation they have sponsored is effectively and efficiently implemented.


Government Affairs

Ecoconsult is uniquely positioned with its depth and breadth of experience in many aspects of governance...

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Political Strategy

Ecoconsult works with clients to determine a natural and strategic course, meaning we search for logical inherent solutions and think long term...

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Environmental Advocacy

Our State has unrivaled natural resources, a diverse and vibrant population and an unparalleled history of innovation. With our diverse suite of clients...

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